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Trash Removal and Recycling


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Trash Removal and Recycling

When it comes to choosing the right environmental partner, forward-thinking restaurants and chains look to Waste Management for a full menu of ways to achieve sustainability without sacrificing profitability.

Our experience in the industry has led us to develop fully integrated services that allow any size restaurant to control costs, raise recycling rates, increase diversion and enhance their green image.

Customizable solutions, ready to serve.

From training front-line crews in proper recycling procedures, to managing your waste-related health, safety and regulatory compliance issues, Waste Management brings proven environmental solutions to your table. And, because of our vast infrastructure, we’re able to offer our customers a wide array of environmental services with single-point-of-contact simplicity.

More food for thought.

The restaurant industry is trending toward a more sustainable image. It’s time to move your company beyond basic recycling and generic green messages to a customized program that delivers real environmental and financial benefits.

Sustainability Services – In order to be truly sustainable, your environmental plan must serve the dual purpose of minimizing impact while driving profitable growth. Waste Management offers the restaurant industry proven environmental programs that accomplish both goals, with the added benefit of improving operational efficiencies.

Organics Recycling – Organics Recycling from Waste Management is a fresh idea, and a naturally efficient disposal alternative that can benefit your restaurant, your community and the greater environment.

Single Stream Recycling – Waste Management helps boost your restaurants’ diversion rates and green image with easier-to-use recycling programs.

Solid Waste Hauling – Waste Management delivers a customized waste pickup plan that revolves around your restaurants.


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